July 18, 2021

Velocettes - Always in the picture....

Welcome to the Velocette Owners' Club of Australia, home of Velocette motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Australia, preserving, restoring, using and celebrating their motorcycles as the maker intended..

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Get your VOCA (the Velocette Owners’ Club of Australia) Membership Application Form:

Get your VOCA (the Velocette Owners’ Club of Australia) Membership Renewal Form: NOTE CHANGE OF MEMBERSHIP FEE


2021 Good Companions Rally – Beechworth, Victoria

Click HERE for the rally Expression of Interest


WA MEMBERS IMPROMPTU RIDE FORM    Editable PDF format    Word Doc format

The code 404 for bikes on concession allows for impromptu one off runs providing its recorded.

If the member/members complete the attached and email to veloman@velocette.org.au he will keep a record and you are covered.

It means you can just go for a ride and not have a licence issue. Please send it to him at least one hour before the ride commences.

This link is to a Data Base form for VOCA members to submit details on their machines.
Hopefully one day we can produce a modest booklet or similar.
The committee decided to have it made available on VOCA website so everyone can fill it out online and return it to Dominic so he can create the database. No signature is necessary.

Of course all details are strictly general in nature and no identification of the location of the machines is being requested other than which state it is located in.