September 27, 2022

Velocettes - Always in the picture....

Welcome to the Velocette Owners' Club of Australia, home of Velocette motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Australia, preserving, restoring, using and celebrating their motorcycles as the maker intended..


Keith Canning
Australian VOC National President


Dominic Brown
Australian VOC National Vice President


Tim Thearle –  
Australian VOC National Secretary

Paul Barfoot
Australian VOC National Treasurer


Arthur Harvey – Australian VOC National Membership Secretary


Charlie Edmonds
Australian VOC Spare Parts

John Jennings
Fishtail Downunder Editor


Doug Farr
Newsletter Editor


Norm Trigg
Australian VOC Technical Officer


Mike Tesser
Australian VOC Web Person


Warwick Darrow
New Zealand North Island Contact


Dave Tofield
New Zealand South Island Contact


Paul Barfoot
WA President