August 18, 2018

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Anyone help with this?

Hi. My father had a 1937 Velocette 350 MAC and I re-registered it and rode it for a year or two in the early 70’s, dad later sold it and I was wondering if you think it would be possible to track it down through your club?

It was sold in the early 70’s from Ludbrook Ave, South Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria. Condition was average and the only identifier is that the seat had some foam and black vinyl sown over the original seat. Also it had some some brushed on black paint.
Not much to go on and maybe very slim chance but if I could try that would be good.

Please welcome our new Membership Secretary –  Arthur Harvey. Those who went to the last West Aussie GCR in the Swan Valley at Swanleigh will remember Arthur as the barman who slaked all out thirsts so effectively after those hot, hot days. Thank you for volunteering to take the job on Arthur.


For those of you who have done one of our South Western Australian rallies, click on this link to see the Great Gnomeville Flood of 2018 – many a tragic tale to be told.


On Sunday July 1st members of the WA centre of the VOCA gathered on a cold but fine morning in Kalamunda for our mid-year run. The weather gods were kind to us as the preceding week had been cold and very wet, however this morning was just COLD – 3 degrees (well that is cold by our standards).

Our group which consisted of 4 Velos  (a Thruxton replica, Clubman, Venom and a Scrambler) were joined by an A65 BSA and a Triumph Bonneville. We set off through the Perth Hills heading for Araluen then on past the Canning Dam to Jarrahdale for a coffee stop – with little or no traffic and with glorious sunshine bathed pastures warming us up. Parts of the run dropped down to dam level through forrest areas and the temperature dropped even more, the bikes loved it! After coffee at Jarrahdale it was on to Serpentine Dam before dropping down to the South West Highway for a short stretch or a long gallop for some who gave the bikes their heads to run free.

We then climbed back into the hills heading for Dwellingup. This was our lunch stop and the food was just fantastic, we each checked out each other’s lunch and no one was disappointed. Mick Tesser went to a local Antique store searching for old wind up gramophones and 78’s, and the lady in charge turned out to be quite a character, gruff, terse and no nonsense – she ran the shop with a steely eye and woe betide anyone stepping out of line! One poor tourist was told in no uncertain terms that she had to take her shoulder bag off and carry it just in case she swung it around so fast that it knocked off her ceramics – she did so pronto and I’m sure I saw a look of fear in her eyes as she complied!

Our return was via the South West Highway for most of us (very quiet at this time of the year) and that’s when Chris Butler found out that his A65 BSA doesn’t have the range of his Velo and he spluttered to a stop. Fortunately it was in Byford and fuel was at hand. Mick Tesser and Colleen went via the “Freeway”, and encountered a monster trafiic jam – but the slim little Velo just glided down lanesplitting for mile after mile with gay abandon – he reports that it was the most fun he’s had in ages, although Colleen was not as keen apparently.

A very good days riding in beautiful Winter sunshine – thanks to Paul Barfoot for organising it.

Sunday Oct. 7 until Sunday Oct. 14, 2018

Our annual rally will once again be held at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre Lennox Head on the north coast of NSW. The venue has undergone extensive renovations since the 2010 rally. We look forward to catching up with many old friends and meeting new members.

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There is an interesting little video on plasma cutting the Velocette logo. Click on the “Worth A Look” button in the menu – thank to Steve Richter.

Colleen Canning’s 2017 rally photos here – hundreds!



THE WAY WE WERE – copy of Sept 1982 VOCA newsletter…..


This link is to a Data Base form for VOCA members to submit details on their machines.
Hopefully one day we can produce a modest booklet or similar.
The committee decided to have it also made available on VOCA website so everyone can fill it out and return it to Dominic so he can create the database – you can do this online and do not have to add a signature to send it in.

Of course all details are strictly general in nature and no identification of the location of the machines is being requested other than which state it is located in.