June 21, 2018

Welcome to the Velocette Owners' Club of Australia, home of Velocette motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Australia, preserving, restoring, using and celebrating their motorcycles as the maker intended..

Sunday Oct. 7 until Sunday Oct. 14, 2018

Our annual rally will once again be held at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre Lennox Head on the north coast of NSW. The venue has undergone extensive renovations since the 2010 rally. We look forward to catching up with many old friends and meeting new members.

Get your 2018 VOCA (the Velocette Owners’ Club of Australia)…

There is an interesting little video on plasma cutting the Velocette logo. Click on the “Worth A Look” button in the menu – thank to Steve Richter.

Colleen Canning’s 2017 rally photos here – hundreds!



THE WAY WE WERE – copy of Sept 1982 VOCA newsletter…..


This link is to a Data Base form for VOCA members to submit details on their machines.
Hopefully one day we can produce a modest booklet or similar.
The committee decided to have it also made available on VOCA website so everyone can fill it out and return it to Dominic so he can create the database – you can do this online and do not have to add a signature to send it in.

Of course all details are strictly general in nature and no identification of the location of the machines is being requested other than which state it is located in.