September 22, 2020

Velocettes - Always in the picture....

Welcome to the Velocette Owners' Club of Australia, home of Velocette motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Australia, preserving, restoring, using and celebrating their motorcycles as the maker intended..

VOCA and founding Historic Competition Motorcycle Cub of WA Member Don Chesson’s funeral last Friday to pay our last respects. No matter what your personal experiences with Don were (and who is perfect anyway), above all else he was totally dedicated to motorcycle racing and to his beloved Velocette’s in particular and he deserves recognition and respect for that. His collection of KTT racebikes, including genuine factory racers, were amazing to see and he was more than happy to drag them all out every time we in the local Velo owner’s club asked him to at his property, even when he was well into old age and fairly fragile. He also raced very successfully with the Motorcycle Racing Club of WA in the early days as his ribbons pictured show, and was an official at the highest level in that club. Some of his bikes are still being raced both here in WA and all around the world, so he has left a racing legacy his family can proud of. Rest in Peace Don.


The VOCA Committee and the 2020 Western Australian Centre  GCR Organising Committee regretfully inform you that we have had no option but to cancel the rally this year.

We can’t be sure of so many things due to the Covid 19 Virus situation that we can’t even guess at costs/venues etc, or even if intrastate/interstate/International travel will be an option.

The 2021 GCR will be held in Victoria and WA will instead host the 2022 GCR.

Thank you for your understanding.


Keith & Colleen Canning and Paul Barfoot

The 2019 VOCA Hahndorf GC Rally Awards were as follows:

Bertie Goodman Award: Graham Colliver;
Velo Fellow Award: Arthur Harvey;
Mellow Velo Fellow Award, presented by Gil Loe on behalf of VOCNA: Gary Gibson;
Sid Willis Trophy: Max Mardardy 1949 MAC loaned to Irene Gartner from Germany;
Roley Walker Trophy: Ian Denholm 1964 Scrambler;
Les Diener Trophy: Robert Drysdale 1957 Valiant;
Cammy Trophy: Ian Elliott KSS;
Ted Carey Shield: Stuart & Marsha Hooper 1959 Venom;
Keith Howard Award: Gary Gibson 1938 MSS;
ACU Gold Star: Sean Evans 1961 BSA Gold Star;
Keith Hamilton Award: Garrett Lovell 1948 MAC.

Congratulations to all these worthy winners

Hello fellow motorcyclists, on behalf of the AJS and Matchless Owners Club Of Australia I’d like to extend a warm welcome to your Members to join our Members at Goulburn on 30th/30st Oct and 1st Nov. 2020.

Please contact Brian ‘Nip’ Kuerschner President AJSMOC of Aust. for more information
Email Address::

From George Cresswell showing his Mac in action down in Antarctica. Bill Kellas is on the Velo pulling me on the skis. Thanks for sending it in George – still amazes me every time I see something about this remarkable episode in Velo history – Mick T

Get your 2020 VOCA (the Velocette Owners’ Club of Australia) membership forms here…NOTE CHANGE TO RENEWAL FEE..

FOR WA MEMBERS – IMPROMPTU RIDE FORM    Editable PDF format    Word Doc format

The code 404 for bikes on concession allows for impromptu one off runs providing its recorded.

If the member/members complete the attached and email to he will keep a record and you are covered.

It means you can just go for a ride and not have a licence issue. Please send it to him at least one hour before the ride commences.


The above link is to a Database form page for VOCA members to submit details on their machines, it is also a menu item at the top of the page.
Hopefully one day we can produce a modest booklet or similar so the history etc of our machines is captured and not lost over time.
The committee decided to have it made available on this VOCA website where everyone can fill it out and return it to Dominic so he can create the database – You can do this online and you do not have to add a signature to send it in.

Of course all details are strictly general in nature and no identification of the location of the machines is being requested other than which state it is located in.


Here are three copies of 1983 club newsletters, showing the before/ during/after writeups of the first NSW rally’s, which eventually morphed into what we all know and love as the Velocette Owners’ Club of Australia’s “Good Companions Rally”.
(Thanks go to Paul Barfoot for sending me the copies)

Velo news June 1983

Velo news Aug 1983

Velo news Oct 1983