December 7, 2019

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Sale, Victoria, Australia
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1960 Velocette Venom Racer
Ex Len Clutterbuck, built to compete in the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix in the late 90’s. The engine has been extensively worked. Cylinder head is squished and a Gold Star piston fitted, above a Carillo Rod, to achieve 10:1 compression ratio. 1 3/8 in GP Carb. Ignition is Interspan.
The machine comes with two fuel tanks. A short circuit version and a larger 5 gallon tank – both crafted in Aluminium Alloy. It had a large capacity oil tank which I have since swapped out for a standard item. Mainly for cosmetic appeal, but also to install a non-return valve to avoid wet sumping.
The machine has UK road registration and technically made road legal, but it must be stressed, this machine is built for racing / p
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